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Darrell Dean is the President and Founder of eBuilder-Solutions.com.  A dynamic,
empowering and entertaining entrepreneur, he awakes each day with a deep commitment to
help others achieve their "Plan B" using the Internet as their main marketing vehicle.

Formally trained as a professional accountant, in 2001 Darrell left his successful
corporate career to begin a new direction in his own search for personal development,
freedom and prosperity.  Darrell's mission is to awaken people to the possibilities for
experiencing greater abundance.  Through his eBuilder Solutions bulletins, he achieves
this by guiding them through the maze of Internet possibilities, burying the bull and
telling the truth.

Darrell's other successful ventures include:   a bicycling touring company, conducting
tours in the southern area of England and the Loire Valley area of France; two Network
Marketing companies; and, a professional futures/commodity trader practice.

Darrell has published Robert Collier's timeless classic self-help book "Be Rich:  The Science of Getting What You Want."  This publication came about as a labor of love and desire to share Mr. Collier's important message to others.  This book fits perfectly with Darrell's philosophy of personal development as a key component for personal success.

Darrell also loves traffic exchanges, and in early 2008 launched SurfingForSuccess.com.  This site is devoted to helping traffic exchange users worldwide to achieve greater results using this low-cost advertising method.

And...in 2011 Darrell launched his newest personal development product, an online organizer called OnlineOrganizingMadeEasy.com.  This online service allows a member to keep all important information in one place, and features an email alert feature to remind of upcoming appointments and events.

Darrell lives in the Kingston, Ontario, Canada area with his wife Sue and daughter Ashley.  He enjoys fishing, boating, skiing and writing.

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